What to do in Cabo

The 5 essentials for Cabo: a multisensory experience

Los Cabos has become a favorite destination, being a referent for beautiful landscapes, blending sea, palm trees, mountains, and desert. And that’s not it. Cabo is now the place you must go if you want to experience something beyond conventional. The art, the food, the places you’ll see. The fauna and how you can see it from really close. It is breathtaking.

Maybe you remember hearing about Cabo like a place that was always flooded with spring breakers and noise, but now you can expect a so well balanced haven where you will mix whales, dancing, sunsets, golf, the most savory marlin, face masks, to say the least.

There is so much to see and feel and taste and hear in this enchanted place at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, and it is very important to plan your trip ahead so you do not miss any of the things you want to do. And let us help you! Through this blog, we will give you all the insider tips and recommendations to make your vacation unforgettable.

The Essentials.

Just a few proposals to give you the idea.


Pack the swimsuits and sunscreen to enjoy all the heart-stirring waterfronts in the Baja! Swim, scuba dive, snorkel, nap, surf, marry… You name it. Let’s just take a quick glance at a few of them.

El Médano. For starters, from here you will appreciate The Arch, but that’s not the only reason to love this shore while you feel the nuances of the fine sand under your feet.

Playa del Amor (Lover’s beach). Romance? Yes. Tranquility? By all means. Bring your camera to capture all the charm on the bay side of Land’s End.

Balandra. Considered not only the most beautiful beach in Mexico but one of the prettiest of the world. You can swim by the ‘Balandra’s Mushroom’ which is a symbol of the city. Crystal clear, glassy like water that is as calm as a swimming pool. But, there will always be fish around you, so snorkeling here is amazing.


Infamous explorer Jacques Cousteau described the abundant seas here as the “Aquarium of the world”. The Sea of Cortez has an almost legendary status among divers and marine naturalists.

Humpback Whale. Big, glamorous and charismatic species, with haunting songs, spectacular acrobatics that you will love. Do you want to have a life-changing experience with this playful giant? From mid-January to mid-March is actually the best time for whale watching in Cabo San Lucas, when humpback whales and gray whales often get really close to the bay and the coastline.

Whale Sharks. Not a whale nor a shark, the biggest fish in the world. Snorkeling with them for many is a bucket list dream and it’s possible to take your family, including young children, to enjoy this awesome adventure.

Sea Lions. You can visit his friendly mammals at The Arch in Land’s End. They are used to human visitors and now are social beings. Colonies of sea lions and seals live around this beautiful rock formation environment and sea.

Camels. It sounds crazy, right? You will have the rare opportunity to see the breathtaking landscape of Los Cabos and stunning beach scenery while astride a gentle came.


The gastronomy in Cabo is now on it’s best moment. The fresh seafood is going to be the main dish, but not the only one. If you are a demanding foodie, you will find many delicacies from the famous Baja fish tacos and chocolate clams to 12-course menus by chefs with Michelin stars. Tamales, ‘elotes’ , lobster, marlin tostadas, organic and local veggies and fruits; you can pick fine dining, maybe a nice view or a romantic set up. Or what about tacos and mezcal? Have you heard about Damiana? It is an aphrodisiac liquor made by Guaycura indigenous for ceremonial purposes.


Los Cabos is experiencing an artistic boost. Many of the galleries are high-end, fine art establishments; many also feature top Mexican works of art. They have these famous “Art walks” on Thursday nights where you can visit dozens of galleries, and different performances, while you taste good wine and cheese.


La Paz. Baja California South’s capital is the perfect blend of a sleepy Mexican town with all the amenities of the big resort towns, where there’s something for everyone, from exploring the Malecón to sea kayaking.

Los Barriles. If you are looking for a small, intimate and quint town this is it. Fishing, horseback riding by the beach, relaxing sunrise yoga sessions and playing pickleball.

Todos Santos. There’s a lot to say about this magical place, and we will. But one of the most outstanding spots is Hotel California. Don’t you think this iconic place is something special to see? You can stay here or just visit the place, try the food at La Coronela Restaurant & Bar or wander around the Emporio Gallery & store.

Loreto. A still hidden jewel for conventional tourists. In this secret hotspot, you won’t have to choose between beautiful scenes, outdoorsy activities, friendly locals, food to die for, and historic sites.

Cabo Pulmo. You will fall in love with the only living coral reef in the northernmost part of the American continent, it is the only hard reef in the entire peninsula of Baja California, and it is also one of the only three living reefs left throughout North America. The Cabo Pulmo Reef has eight fingers of hard coral reef, providing a safe haven for many of the 800 species of marine animals found throughout the Sea of Cortez.

The options go on and on. Which ones are you going to put down on your list? Have you ever done some of this? Let us know, and keep following Easy Trip Cabo for the best tips and information about this magical place.

The most important thing here is, and maybe you are already wondering about it: how are you going to get from your hotel to have a fine dinner at Edith’s on your way to El Médano beach or an art gala in El Ganzo Hotel? We will take you. All of your ground transportation.