Cabo is known for being a romantic and a party destination, but the truth is that it is an amazing place for vacationing with kids! There are a lot of fun activities for them and to enjoy together as a family. 

The first step is choosing your accommodation wisely. When you travel with kids you have to think about a lot of things, the room, the facilities of the place, activities, and lots of other stuff. Look for a resort (or else) that offers all the things that you are looking for. Hotels have a lot of good things like room service, meals, and buffets, baby-sitting services, etc., but vacation rentals or AirBnbs mean you can make it like your own home, and prepare your own meals, which could be useful with the kids. 

Of course, when we are in Cabo, we think about the beach! but even if your plan is to stay by the beach, you definitely must consider there’s a pool too. It is perfect for little ones to splash around in, cool down and get exhausted in! 

There are many things that you shouldn’t forget to pack or take when you are traveling with little ones, but one life savior is a light stroller. You may think that it will be uncomfortable to have it on the plane, but you’ll thank yourself later. They are really easy to travel with and can be taken right up to the gate, this will help at the airport for sure! They also can be portable beds for naps, and also they are (almost) all terrain. 

Another great tip is booking your flights around bedtime. They can sleep the whole flight and this will be a delight for you and all the other passengers. Chose the sits in the back of the plane, so you can have quicker access to the restrooms and the flight attendants if you need it, also you have the chance to disturb fewer people. 

You have to be extra sure to plan everything ahead so you can have the smallest margin of errors and that everything flows smoothly. Check-in for your flights online, so you can be more relaxed at the airport and make sure to have plenty of time. 

If your children are old enough, explain the journey to them. Especially if it is the first trip. Talk them through it, let them know what is going to happen along the way and make them feel useful. Most kids think flying is fun, so encourage it and let them enjoy it. 

In regards to activities with children in Cabo and its surroundings, there are a bunch of good options but don’t forget to make your research to be sure that the season for what you want to do is the right one, for example with the whales and turtles. 

Yearly, many species of endangered sea turtles nest in the balmy sands of Cabo. There are people making great efforts od conservation emphasizing in taking tiny hatchlings safe into the sea.  There are tour operators who offer a certified naturalist-led program in which participants can “adopt” a hatchling and help them make their way into the sea. This could be an amazing activity for kids that can offer them to have contact with nature first hand.

The tour to see the whales (only in season) is an experience that children cannot miss. You can see all the information about this activity here. Remember to check the operators that offer this tour and verify the minimum age to do it. 

Don’t forget to book a tour on The Buccaneer Queen. It is a magnificent tall ship that has appeared numerous times in film and TV. A variety of tours include sunset sails, whale watching, and snorkeling. You’ll admire the postcard-pretty views and kids will love the onboard pirate fight.

Days at the beach are great and we are all for it in Cabo! But remember that the waters that surround us here have strong undertows and make many beaches unsafe for swimming, especially for kids. However, Medano beach is the family’s favorite. The tours to the magnificent Arch and Lover’s and Divorce beaches are kids friendly and a great time for them to experience a quiet boat ride. 

Remember that you can’t plan it all and traveling with kids a lot of things can go wild. Stay calm, and relax. Try to enjoy it. Your calm is their calm. And most important of all, don’t forget the sunblock and after sun! 

If you want to have safe and easy trips around Cabo, let us know!