Bisbee’s Fishing Tournament in Cabo is coming!

Cabo is home to one of the most extraordinary fishing tournaments in the world: the Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournament that takes place every year and attracts hundreds of boats from all over the world, offering a total of 4 million dollars in cash prizes. In its beginnings, in 1981, just six teams participated competing for a total of $ 10,000 dollars prizes.

This year is the 39th edition of the tournament, and it will take part from October 17th to October 20th, and the awards are going to be delivered from October 22nd to 26th. They are expecting 130 teams from the US, Canada, and Mexico, mainly, but also Japan, New Zeland, Spain, Portugal and more. 

Fishing enthusiasts meet in Los Cabos every October to sign up and try their luck at sea. Live the feeling of sometimes being “a marlin away” of becoming millionaires, as has happened several times in the last decade with teams that have won almost 4 million dollars for having obtained the two largest marlins of the competition. The tournament lasts five days in total, two for registration and awards, and three days for fishing. These last ones have a daily jackpot that is divided between the top places. Likewise, awards are given to the best captains and the best teams taking into account the points obtained with the fishing of other specimens such as dorado, tuna, wahoo, etc.

The name “Black and Blue” comes from the two main objectives of fishing: black marlin and blue marlin. These are relatively similar to sailfish, but their dorsal fins are much smaller and less colorful. The jawbones grow in the form of a long and pointed sword. For the protection of these marlin species, only those weighing more than 250 pounds (136 kilos) qualify, so the rest must be returned to the sea. The records of the biggest marlins captured in the tournament have been that of a gigantic blue marlin of 450 kilos, as well as a black marlin of 292 kilos, caught by Rocky Gentile in 1994 and Martha Mcnab in 2006 respectively.

On the first day, the registration to the event and some talks for the participants are carried out, followed by a cocktail party to celebrate. On the second day, all boats and boats line up for the big starting shot. This is a moment full of excitement, as hundreds of boats start offshore between waves full of foam, looking for the best place to find the precious marlins. On the last day, a special dinner is made and official awards and recognition are given.

The event is televised and closely followed by the sports press from around the world, in addition to having a live link via radio and online video on its website. Bisbee’s Black and Blue sponsors are considered the representatives of the finest products and services for participants. The tournament not only offers the opportunity to win the contestants but also causes a huge economic spill in Cabo, so the local people are always very aware of the tournament and its teams.

A few days before the “big game” there is a smaller tournament that is used as “warming up”: Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore, where the total prizes can reach up to $ 300,000 dollars. The cost of registration is relatively lower and offers a unique experience for all lovers of open sea fishing. These tournaments are also affiliated with other similar events, such as the IGFA Offshore tournament and local charities.

There is no doubt that this fishing tournament is one of the biggest attractions in Los Cabos. Even when you don’t have the budget to register for these tournaments, there is always the possibility of renting boats and private equipment for an extraordinary day of deep fishing, or just come to Cabo in October to witness an impressive and titanic race to earn millions of dollars!

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